#140 Daybreak Strikes, Mayhem Nightfalls? | Destiny The Show

March 13, 2017

Deej hints at Mayhem Nightfalls being added to our new weekly rotations of activities during Age of Triumph. Will we see an update Prison of Elders in addition to the Raid Updates? We also talk about Quantity over Quality, and seeing more end game content, will it become a more common trend moving forward? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow DestinyTheShow.com


#139 Every Raid Updated! | Age Of Triumph Breakdown

March 8, 2017

We break down all the details of Destiny 1's final event Age of Triumph. Every raid is returning, new challenge modes, new gear, new ornaments, current light level raids for Vault of Glass, Crota's End, Kings Fall, and even an update to Wrath of the Machine. This is looking to be the best update ever for Destiny Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow DestinyTheShow.com


#138 Sidearm Fixes & NLB Nerfs | Destiny The Show

February 28, 2017

More pvp balance changes to go into effect soon including a Nerf to No Land Beyond's flinch, Sidearms will now spawn with a small set of base ammo and not preserve ammo pick ups between spawns, Truth receives a rocket back into its back pack, & more. Players find the location of the Vex DLC cutscene screenshot and its in the skybox above the citadel, however players found this a long time ago. Thanks for listening


#137 Vex Cutscenes & Regen Rollbacks | Destiny The Show

February 21, 2017

This week we talk about the new McFarlane Destiny Toys, 59 pieces of concept art released by Bungie, Vex cinematics from the company that creates all of Destiny's cinematics, plus the health regen rollbacks and changes to address issues with 


#136 The One About Patch | Destiny The Show

February 14, 2017

Today is all about the new weapon balance pass Hotfix It brings with it some great changes, some weird changes, and some unintended consequences that are buried in the code. The hungering blade changes made waves across a lot of health regen properties which we'll dive into. Also a new infinite super glitch should be avoided by players to not get in trouble with ol Sheriff Bungie. Thanks for listening!


#135 The Endgame Challenge - Keeping Players Engaged | Destiny The Show

February 7, 2017

Patch goes live Feb 14 with a livestream this week showing off the balance changes. Activision Blizzard work with ex-Mattel executive to help develop "consumer goods," coming soon. We talk about Datto's video regarding Max Light losing all of its meaning. How can endgame be improved and how can more rewards be given to players who invest in their characters. Is there steps beyond light level 400 that could keep players engaged?


#134 The Most Important Patch of Year 3 | Destiny The Show

January 31, 2017

We are getting our next weapon balance pass mid-february and Bungie shares with us their objectives. The real question is what will get nerfed and what will get buffed. We've been on the same balance patch since Rise of Iron, the changes in this upcoming balance pass will have a profound impact on the game and the PvP community. Class tweaks, special ammo, exotics, and more are all on the table for changes. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow DestinyTheShow.com


#133 Bungie Hiring New Senior Designers | Destiny The Show

January 24, 2017

Vicarious Visions posts over 20 new job listings for Destiny including a Senior PvP Designer position & Senior World Designer. Is Bungie returning to year 1’s DLC model and delegating that production to Vicarious Visions? Crimson Days is not returning and the next update from the live team will arrive in the Spring. A weapon balance update is being worked on but no further information on a launch date yet. Can the PvP community survive the Clever Dragons until we one day get this weapon patch? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow DestinyTheShow.com


#132 Dream Game Modes? Gun Game & Timewalking | Destiny The Show

January 17, 2017

Iron Banner Clash returns & Bungie Bounty Days begins. A new twist on the Bungie Bounty that runs for almost a month and give players more opportunities to earn that exclusive emblem. We talk about what our dream game modes would be if Destiny could add new activities. Gun Game with multiple variants as well as Timewalking Raids/Dungeons were our favorites, what are your dream game modes? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow DestinyTheShow.com


#131 How To Survive Content Drought | Destiny The Show

January 10, 2017

Iron Banner most likely returns in the next week or two as Bungie starts to return to the studio and get 2017 rolling. We have some suggestions for players looking to survive the content drought of 2017. Best to take breaks from the game rather than burn out, but there still may be ways to find fresh experiences that you haven't completed in Destiny.